Los Ángeles Termales

The Ángeles Termales

The thermal spring ‘Los Angeles’, made entirely of natural stone is unique. There you will find a small piece of paradise to enjoy the thermal waters that spring from earth surrounded by a lush tropical forest. Early morning, in cold and rainy days or at night under a dome of stars it is a relaxing and unforgettable experience.


Rivera – Cures, wellness and Agritourism.

  • Ángel Aparicio
  • Vereda Agua Caliente – Rivera (Huila)
  • 315-3085614
  • losangelestermal@hotmail.com


  • Exotic salads
  • Typical dishes from the region
  • Extensive wine list

Places of interest

  • Rivera park (Huila).
  • Cacao Production farms.
  • Cocoa processing plant.